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Loss Aversion: Bad Behaviour

Question. My investments are currently at one of the banks. I have been reviewing my portfolio and how it has performed over the last few years, and I am unhappy with the performance. I have done my homework and my due diligence, and I have decided that I am ready to transfer my investments over to ModernAdvisor and become a […]

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New CPP – Is it Better?

Question. I’ve heard that the CPP is changing. Is it? To be honest, I don’t really understand the CPP, or the change. But I hear some people saying it’s good, and others saying it’s bad. Can you tell me more about the changes and how they might affect me? Answer. Yes, as of January 2019, the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) […]

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Investment Trap: Home Bias

Question. I’m nervous about investing in other countries – especially the US. Every time I turn on the news it feels like something crazy is going on with the stock markets in the US. Last year, I felt like my portfolio was on a roller coaster ride. I’m wondering if I should just keep my investments in Canada instead… Would […]

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