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Q2 2021 Performance Update

 Q2 2021 Performance Update The second quarter of 2021 was another good one for ModernAdvisor’s portfolios; all of the Core and SRI portfolios were positive for the quarter, and all are now positive for 2021. Equity markets in Canada and abroad performed well as did real estate investment trusts, all of which contributed positively to our portfolios’ performance. Fixed income […]

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Top 3: Roadblocks to Retirement

Enjoying a comfortable retirement is common goal for most all Canadians. As such, a retirement savings strategy is a key element of most any comprehensive financial and retirement plan. To assist us, there are countless financial advisors, retirement planners, and online tools and resources available to help us determine how much we should save in order to reach our retirement […]

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Pension Buyback – Is it Right for You?

A client recently contacted us with the following concern: “I took some time off work for maternity leave when I had my child. Now I have returned to work, and I have been notified that I have the option to buy back my pension. What does this mean, and should I do it?” A pension buyback, also referred to as […]

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