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Buying a House? Top 5 Things to Consider

Question. Hi, I’ve been renting an apartment for the past few years, and it’s great. However, I’m wondering if I should buy something instead? Many of my friends have recently bought houses, and they’re encouraging me to do the same. I guess it seems like a natural progression to buy something eventually, but I really like my apartment, and so […]

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Keep Calm and Stay Invested

Question: What is going on in the markets right now?! I don’t know what’s happening but I don’t want to see my account go down like this. Do you think now is a good time to sell? Answer: Indeed, it seems Mr. Market is has stopped taking his medication and is throwing a tantrum again. What’s going on? On the afternoon of […]

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Dream Retirement Contest

Update: This contest is now closed. The lucky winner has been contacted through Facebook and will be announced once they claim their prize! Thank you all for participating. You are leading a busy life and are probably not even thinking about slowing down anytime soon. But have you ever wondered what your ideal retirement will look like? Take a moment […]

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