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Commuted Value or Pension?

Should You Commute Your Pension? Question. I’ve just left my employer, and received some documents regarding my pension. In particular, I have to make a selection between 2 options – pension or commuted value. First, can you tell me what this means? And second, can you help me decide what the right choice is for me? Answer. Great question, and […]

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Top 5 Life Insurance Questions & Answers

A well-constructed investment portfolio is a key element of your financial plan. However, without the proper protection, your plan could be derailed by unfortunate and unforeseen life events. We’ve received many questions about risk management products such as life insurance, which can play a critical role in protecting you and your family against the unknown. Let’s take a look at […]

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Loss Aversion: Bad Behaviour

Question. My investments are currently at one of the banks. I have been reviewing my portfolio and how it has performed over the last few years, and I am unhappy with the performance. I have done my homework and my due diligence, and I have decided that I am ready to transfer my investments over to ModernAdvisor and become a […]

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