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By ModernAdvisor | September 8, 2017

At ModernAdvisor, our goal is to help you meet your goals faster. And while we pride ourselves on offering professional investment management at a very low cost, we wanted to make it even easier to choose us to manage your investments.

That’s why we’ve decided to eliminate management fees altogether if your total invested with us is 10K or less. So you can watch your investments grow faster.

If you already have less than $10,000 invested with us, you’ll notice the management fee in the fee section of your dashboard is now 0%. If you haven’t opened an account with us yet, click here to get started in just a few minutes.



In case you missed it: Household Accounts

Pssssst…….while we’ve got you, did you know we now offer household accounts? You can now see all of your household’s ModernAdvisor accounts and documents in one convenient place.

To invite a member to join your household, navigate to your profile, click household, and send an invitation to their email address. Once they accept your invitation, you’ll be able to see their accounts on your dashboard. Your household members will need their own ModernAdvisor accounts before you can invite them to join your household.

Log into your dashboard now to get started.



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