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IWD 2017 – Be Bold for Change (Financially)

By Krysten Merriman | March 8, 2017

IWD 2017 – Be Bold for Change

March 8 is International Women’s Day (IWD) 2017. To celebrate, we’ve rounded up some of our top posts on personal finance for women. This year’s theme is “Be Bold for Change,” and if there’s one area where women can stand to be bolder, it’s with our finances.


Why Women Need Financial Planning

Women tend to be happier than men in retirement, even if we are less financially secure. We’re more likely to have a robust support network of friends and family, and more likely to seek advice and ask for help when we need it.

So what can we do to improve our finances in retirement? Read more.


It’s Time to Earn More Money

Whether it’s time to ask for a raise or you’re thinking of launching a side gig, there are lots of ways to increase your income. Read more.


How to Tackle Your Debt and Feel Good About Your Financial Situation

It’s an unfortunate reality that women carry more student debt than men, and have a harder time paying it off (in part, because we tend to make less money, on average, than men do).

We’re not going to tell you to give up your daily latte if it makes you happy. We are going to ask you to look at the list of things you spend money on, and figure out which ones are for survival, which are for happiness, and which are for growth. Read more.


First Square Cash Flow Management

Thanks to the plethora of “free” bank accounts available in the world, it’s easy to set up a working program that requires little to no mental effort on your part. This is the best way to manage money; if you don’t have to make decisions every single time you receive money, then you’re more likely to stay on track. Read more.


Go Back to Work After Baby or Stay Home: How to Decide

Of all the ways having a child can impact your finances, the decision about going back to work may be one of the toughest. Read more.



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Krysten Merriman

Krysten Merriman

Krysten Merriman | Marketing Director