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Coronavirus: Stay Safe, Keep Calm

Back in January, investor optimism soared as headlines touted great success for both US and Canadian markets. We were told Canada’s main stock market index, the S&P/TSX composite index, was expected to shatter records this year, as the market was hitting record highs. Two months later, in March, we are now dominated with headlines of the worst day in history […]

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NEW! First-Time Home Buyer Incentive

Question. Hi, my spouse and I have been renting an apartment for the last few years, and we’re now ready to buy our first home together. We are wondering what programs are available for a first-time home buyer that could be beneficial. Do you have any advice for us?   Answer. Your timing is great! As of September 2nd, the […]

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Commuted Value or Pension?

Should You Commute Your Pension? Question. I’ve just left my employer, and received some documents regarding my pension. In particular, I have to make a selection between 2 options – pension or commuted value. First, can you tell me what this means? And second, can you help me decide what the right choice is for me? Answer. Great question, and […]

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