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Canadian ETFs and Dividend Investing

Canadian ETFs that pay dividends We get asked about Canadian ETFs quite often, especially those that pay dividends. Just like investing in individual stocks that pay dividends (especially those that have a history of growing their dividends), this approach is getting more popular all the time.   How do dividends work and what are your options? The return on a stock is composed […]

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Diversify With a REIT ETF

What is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)? REITs own real estate like shopping malls, apartment buildings, office buildings and even public storage. REITs make it easy for small investors to own real estate and takes away the headache of being a landlord. One of the main attractions for investors is the steady cash payments that REITs provide. When interest […]

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ETFs: An Alternative to Expensive Mutual Funds

On a semi-annual basis S&P Dow Jones produces a scorecard called the SPIVA® Canada Scorecard that reviews how actively managed mutual funds performed versus their benchmarks. It’s difficult reading for proponents of active fund management and heartening for those promoting passive, index-based strategies. S&P Dow Jones has been producing this scorecard for Canadian mutual funds since 2004, so we now […]

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