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Custom Portfolios

Introducing Custom Portfolios

By ModernAdvisor | December 15, 2016

Custom Portfolios: Automation Meets Customization

When it comes to investing, we truly believe that simple is better. And for most Canadians, a simple, well-diversified portfolio of low-cost ETFs is the best long-term investment strategy available.

We started ModernAdvisor as a cost-effective way to build and rebalance those portfolios. And while our broad range of standard portfolios work well for most investors, we often come across clients with special circumstances who have needs that are a bit less simple.

Investors with significant liquid or illiquid investments outside of ModernAdvisor, for example, should have those assets considered when designing a suitable portfolio.

To meet those needs we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Custom Portfolios. For clients investing $150,000 or more with us, we now offer to take a holistic view of their net worth and design their ModernAdvisor portfolio to make sure their overall investment portfolio is suitable. Clients who qualify can work with one of our registered investment advisors to personalize their investment portfolios. We’ll design a custom portfolio that takes into account assets of all classes, wherever they are held. The service is available at no additional cost to clients who invest $150,000 or more with us.


“Traditionally, the level of service offered with our Custom Portfolios would cost more than 1% per year, and would often require a much higher account balance. Now you can get a customized portfolio for an annual fee of 0.40% or less, which is unprecedented in Canada.”

 – Navid Boostani, Co-Founder and CEO

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