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ModernAdvisor joins Guardian Capital group of companies

By Navid Boostani | February 28, 2020

Six years ago we set out to improve and modernize the investing experience for Canadians. Today, we are excited to announce that ModernAdvisor has joined the Guardian Capital group of companies. Our transparent and tech-enabled approach to investing, combined with Guardian Capital’s expertise and resources will help us to better serve our clients and reach even more Canadians.

In light of this major development, you probably have a few questions:

Who is Guardian Capital?
Guardian Capital Group Limited is a respected, diversified financial services company with global reach, founded in 1962. They operate in two main business areas, Asset Management and Financial Advisory.

Who owns Guardian Capital?
Guardian Capital Group (TSX: GCG; GCG.A) is an independent, publicly-traded company. In 2019, they celebrated 50 years as an independent listed company on the TSX.

Why did ModernAdvisor join the Guardian Capital Group?
Our goals are to improve the investing experience and outcomes for Canadians, and democratize access to high-quality investing. Guardian Capital’s expertise, capacity and resources will help us extend our reach and goals more rapidly.

Will I be forced to buy higher-cost portfolios in the future?
No. Management of your investment accounts will continue the same way as before, and keeping your costs low will continue to be a top priority for us. In the future, there will be the opportunity to utilize Guardian Capital’s decades of experience in asset and wealth management to offer additional investment options that you can choose.

Will ModernAdvisor fees go up?
No. The same fees will apply to your current investment portfolio, as we commit to offering competitive, low and transparent fee pricing going forward.

Will ModernAdvisor move to Toronto?
No. ModernAdvisor will continue to operate out of its head office in Vancouver.

Will my account login information change?
No. Your username and password will stay the same.

What happens to the ModernAdvisor team?
We’re here to stay and committed to providing the best investing and client experience to you. With Guardian Capital’s commitment as a strategic owner, we expect to be able to provide additional resources to help us better serve our clients.

This hopefully answers your questions. If there is anything we missed, or if you want to say hello, send us an email. As always, we’re here to help.

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Navid Boostani

Navid Boostani

Navid is a co-founder and CEO of ModernAdvisor. He is a problem-solver and is passionate about bringing affordable and unbiased investment management to all Canadians.