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The Best Financial Advice I Ever Got

This post is part of a series, where we ask some of Canada’s top personal finance bloggers to weigh in on topics that matter to Canadians. Click here for the full list of our favourite personal finance bloggers in Canada, or check out our curated Twitter list to follow them on Twitter. In November, we asked what Millennials should be doing to improve their […]

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Mortgages: Choosing The Right One For You

Choosing The Right Mortgage: Your Future is on the Dotted Line Selecting the right mortgage will likely be the single biggest factor in the successful financing of your home. Modern technology has presented more options than ever before; however, the sheer amount of information about mortgages available online can be overwhelming for experienced buyers, not to mention a first time homebuyer. […]

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RRSP to a RRIF: 10 Things to Know

1. What is a RRIF? So you’ve been contributing to your RRSP for many years and are now ready to retire.  What do you do with your RRSP now?  That is where RRIFs come in.  RRIFs (Registered Retirement Income Funds) are basically the successor to RRSPs.  You can convert some or all of an RRSP to a RRIF at any time, […]

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