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First Square Cash Flow Management

Taking control of your cash flow Once you’ve developed a plan for paying down your debt, you need to organize your cash flow so that you actually make your payments, cover your bills, and have enough for groceries. Thanks to the plethora of “free” bank accounts available in the world, it’s easy to set up a working program that requires […]

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It’s Time to Earn More Money

There’s a lot of debate about exactly how big the gender wage gap is, and the causes of it, but it undeniably does exist.   Total Income: Men and Women in Canada Source: Statistics Canada. Table 202-0407 – Income of individuals, by sex, age group and income source, 2011 constant dollars, annual Many people incorrectly believe that women earn less […]

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Why Women Need Financial Planning

International Women’s Day is March 8th, and to celebrate, we’ve got Financial Planners Julia Chung and Sandi Martin weighing in on issues that affect women in financial matters. But don’t let the title fool you: these are not “women’s issues” so much as they are people issues, and in many cases, economic issues. And even if you have a Y […]

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